What Real Estate Inspections Don't Tell You About Air Conditioning

"As part of the structural inspection, the heating and air conditioning systems will be evaluated from a functional and visual standpoint. However, for structures with older heating and air conditioning systems, it may be desirable to have these components evaluated by a licensed HVAC contractor as a separate inspection. The HVAC contractor’s inspection includes full operation of the systems, carbon monoxide testing and a complete evaluation of the systems components. The HVAC contractor will also provide a more detailed written evaluation of these systems."  - REA Inspection Services

This protocol takes the inspection company "off the hook" for any liability regarding the safety and long term operation of the systems involved.  It also places the home buyer in the hands of professional technicians who have proper training to determine, after in-depth testing, whether or not the systems are operating at capacity and are safe. 

In other words, a home inspector will tell you that the system looks good and is operating.  A heating and air conditioning contractor will tell you that the system is operating at 80% capacity due to a freon leak, that safety controls on the furnace have been disabled and that the emergency drain safey switch is broken.

The value of a home is affected by the soundness of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.  Not only due to age and declining operation but also in comfort due to high humidity and/or leaking ductwork.  This is an important factor in your offer.

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