Furnace Facts

People often fail to have their furnaces checked because, after the smoke smell goes away, the furnace heats the home, money's tight, time is scarce...it can wait.

Think about it.  Every furnace that has ever harmed a family was doing its job heating a home.  Its not the furnaces fault that it had a cracked heat exchanger that was pumping carbon monoxide into the home or flames into the attic or closet.  Furnaces that break can be fixed.  Furnaces that age get progressively more dangerous...some of them kill.

If your furnace is over 15 years old - doubt its safety. 
If it's over 25 - know it's dangerous.

Don't take chances with your health.  Call Surgi's today for a total heater clean and check or an estimate for a new heater at 469-4232.