The Art Of Air Conditioning - Retrofitting Older Homes

Sick People Know When They Need A Specialist... Owners Of Older Homes Sometimes Don't.

 Homes built prior to 1940, especially the many Antebellum homes in and around New Orleans, present unique challenges when trying to retrofit central heating and air conditioning.  They are typically under-insulated, their wiring is inadequate, weatherstripping is largely absent and windows rattle. 

When considering this major investment homeowners need to understand the Rules Of Air Conditioning Older Homes:

Rule #1: NEVER compromise the architecture and structure of the home for the sake of air conditioning.

Rule #2: Insulation and weatherstripping are less expensive than air conditioning.

Rule #3: Tall ceilings require greater air velocity from vents.

Rule #4: Floor grilles don't work when they are under your couch.

Rule #5: Flexible duct under a house and Raccoons don't mix

Rule #6: Humidity is the end of comfort.

Rule #7:  Breezy homes require more heat.

Rule #8:  Design 3 times, install once.

Surgi's Heating and Air Conditioning is pleased to have assisted the owners of hundreds of older homes in adding central air and heat without desecrating their beautiful properties.  We have examples of our work from St. Charles Avenue to Esplanade Avenue, including the French Quarter.  We have also represented homeowners at the Vieux Carre Commission. 

Air conditioning an older home is time consuming and expensive.  Costs are determined not by a budget but by the requirements of the home.  If you would like to discuss the art of air conditioning an older home, call Surgi's at 469-4232 and ask for Art Boudreaux or Dale Neumire.  We're here to help.

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