Surgi's Knows A Dozen Ways To Help Heat Sensitivity

Menopause - Lupus - Multiple Sclerosis - Hyperthyroidism      All Cause Heat Intolerance

Heat sensitivity may be more commonly known by the name heat intolerance, and a number of people are subject to this condition.  The cause of it can range from normal life changes like perimenopause and menopause to serious illnesses like thyroid disorders that produce too much thyroid hormone.  There are other things that may result in this condition too, including ingestion of certain substances.  Some people considered heat sensitive who have chronic diseases may feel significantly worse as heat climbs.

As the temperature climbs, and before most other people would notice or complain of the warmth, the affected person becomes greatly uncomfortable and can't find a way to get comfortable if temperature isn't lowered.  People who are heat intolerant do not need to be outside to feel these effects.  A warm indoor room can cause them too.

Some people have conditions that are exacerbated by heat sensitivity.  Sufferers of multiple sclerosis (MS) and lupus may find themselves with increased pain and/or an increase in symptoms in higher temperatures.

Temperature control in a home is vital in treating heat sensitivity, especially for people with lupus or MS.  Air conditioning is often recommended.  For those without adequate air conditioning heading to air conditioned areas like movie theaters or shopping malls during very hot parts of the day may be of use too.*
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Surgi's has been able to help many heat intolerant customers and family members.  Sometimes by increasing the size of a duct to a bedroom, sometimes relocating a thermostat, sometimes with zoning, sometimes with an additional air conditioner such as a mini-split or a window unit.

The point is, we get it.  We know it's real and we know that it is hurtful.  You don't have to suffer.  Call Surgi's and lets discuss how we can make you comfortable.

Need a new system?  Surgi's can help.  Need a healthier, more comfortable life?  We can change the way you feel about your home. 

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