Buying or Selling A Home?

Real estate transactions can benefit from Surgi's Heating and Air's cleaning and inspection services.  

Selling?  There's nothing worse than getting to the point of closing when the buyer presents a list of deficiencies for the air conditioning and heating systems....  Air conditioning problems can throw thousand of dollars worth of problems into a sale.

Buying?  Surgi's will give your prospective home a thorough inspection and a condition report documenting potential problems in air conditioning, heating, duct work and air distribution, ventilation, electrical and drainage.

Moving into a new home is no time to discover that you now have to spend thousands of dollars to get the air conditioning system working properly.  Let us help.

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Need a new system?  Surgi's can help.  Need a healthier, more comfortable life?  We can change the way you feel about your home. 

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