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Surgi's Heating and Air Conditioning in New Orleans offers a full line of repair and maintenance services for all brands of central heating and air conditioning systems.  Surgi's also offers free second opinions on service work.

Surgi's Offers FREE Second Opinions!

Too many times we see service work performed that fixes the immediate problem but fails to diagnose the real cause. Every time a Surgi's Service Technician visits your home he will perform a complete system inspection, inside and out. He will leave you with a system "Report Card" stating the operating condition of every system component. Our goal is to leave every system functioning soundly throughout after each visit.

Servicing All Brands
We also offer our Gold Star Service Plan which includes Spring and Fall clean and checks as well as discounts on service.

For service any day call Surgi's at 469-4232 or (985) 624-9333.  You can also email your request to