10 Telltale Signs that Your HVAC Equipment is Failing

When your heating and air conditioning system fails, you must make a decision to replace or repair it. At times, this can be a difficult choice to make.  Knowing what to do from a financial standpoint can be confusing. You can pour more money into something you already have money invested in, or you can invest in a new (hopefully more efficient) heating and air conditioning system.

The truth is that if you wait too long, poor performance and costly repairs can add up to even more. At the same time, you want to know you have received the most from the heating and air conditioning equipment you already have before making another large investment.

A faulty system will not only create a dent in your budget, but it can also make for a dangerous and uncomfortable living space. Much of this is preventable if you remain proactive and address issues before they arise.

So, when is it a good time to replace your old heating and cooling system?
Well, one obvious answer is when the furnace, coil or condenser begins to deteriorate. Seemingly at the point of deterioration you would need to find an alternative, but that is not the only sign.  It is a good idea to watch for these other telltale signs that may indicate your heating and air conditioning equipment is failing, or needs to be repaired.

It is probably a good idea to call an expert in the field if:

1. Heating and air conditioning − equipment is old
If the condenser or furnace is older than 15 years, then you should seriously think about upgrading your system. Installing a new, more efficient model before the old one breaks down will save a great deal of discomfort and stress in the future.

At the same time, even if your system is older than 15 and you think it still has some years left, it may not be performing at its top efficiency. The best idea is to replace it with a unit that features the ENERGY STAR label. This label is important because when properly installed, these systems can save up to 50 percent on cooling and heating costs.

2. Increasing energy bills
While electricity and fuel become more expensive, the last thing you need is for your aging equipment to cost more to operate as it becomes less efficient. A contractor can compare monthly usage versus costs to determine if the heating and air conditioning system is becoming increasingly more expensive to run.

The heating and cooling systems manufactured today are over 60% - 100% more efficient than systems built fifteen years ago. Moreover, irregular maintenance and normal wear and tear can reduce the efficiency of the system. So, if you are faced with a costly repair or worried about utility bill prices, you may want to go ahead and replace your system to save money in the future.

Angies List recommends that, when faced with an expensive repair, you should multiply the cost of the repair times the age of the system.  If the total is over $5,000 you should strongly consider replacement.  Under $5,000? Make the repair.

If you decide to replace, the savings you will receive in utility costs may provide you with a nice return on your initial investment. Also, if you finance the purchase, make sure the savings on your utility bill each month is considered in the purchase.

3. Heating and air conditioning − Frequent repairs
If your system has required repairs within the last two years, this can be a sign of aging equipment and it may be time to replace it. It won’t take long for you to realize a return on your investment for a new, more efficient system when you begin saving money on energy costs and repairs.

4. Strange noises coming from within
Any type of strange noise coming from your heating and air conditioning system should be investigated by a professional. When it comes to noises, one thing to watch for is an excessively running blower fan. Just keep in mind that all machines make their own characteristic and quirky sounds, so listen for things that are not normal.

5. You have a major home remodel planned
When you do significant remodels to your home, such as additions, you may need to upgrade your system. When you make your home larger, the original system may not be large enough to meet the needs of the bigger space.

6. You have constant air quality issues inside your home
If you can’t keep dust around your house under control, you may need to change your heating and air conditioning filters more often. Moreover, it can also be a sign that the unit is too small for the air exchange or that the system is getting older. Learn how to improve your home’s air quality.

7. You are uncomfortable in your home
Is your home comfortable in every room? An efficient heating and air conditioning system will keep you and your family comfortable throughout the home. If you begin to notice levels of discomfort, consider replacing or repairing your system. Watch out for spaces that do not cool or warm up as they did before, drafts, increased amounts of dust, or signs of mold.

8. Extreme humidity in your home
If you experience extreme humidity inside your home, you will more than likely benefit from upgraded equipment that features more advanced dehumidification features.

9. You want to “Go Green”
Even if your existing HVAC system is working well, you may still want to replace it for a system that is more modern and efficient. The fact is that going green will help you save money on cooling and heating; so this is good for your wallet and the environment.

10. Possible safety issues
If your home has a gas furnace installed, you are always in danger of carbon monoxide entering into your home. Modern furnaces significantly reduce this risk with built-in features.

Surgi's Heating and Air can advise you whether you should replace or repair your existing air conditioning and heating system. We will inspect system components such as refrigerant piping, ductwork, wiring, insulation, electrical service, flue piping and much more. Fixing failing parts before they completely fail will save you a great deal of money.

Need a new system?  Surgi's can help.  Need a healthier, more comfortable life?  We can change the way you feel about your home. 

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