New Orleans Temperatures Nearing 90, Tune Your Air Conditioning Now

Don't let a cool Spring fool you.  Hot weather is weeks away.  The NOAA forecast above predicts warmer than normal temperatures for the entire Summer
Everyone knows the importance of getting regular tune ups on their car in order to keep it running longer and stronger. However, not everyone knows that heating and cooling equipment also requires regular preventive maintenance. In fact, getting heating and cooling equipment cleaned and tuned up annually is one of the best ways to lower energy costs.

Don't let a cool Spring fool you.  Hot weather is weeks away.

Typically, air conditioners encounter problems when they are first turned on in the Spring or during the hottest days of the summer. These are the times when the units are under the most stress, and also the times when relied on the most. When a technician examines a unit during a tune up, he or she can identify potential future problems that could make the difference between keeping cool this summer or having the unit break down in the sweltering heat.

In the long run, an annual tune up will help prolong the life of equipment, which will help protect one of the biggest household investments. Having a service technician examine equipment on a regular basis is also an effective way to find and correct potential issues before they lead to other problems that could be time consuming and expensive to correct.

Regular tune ups ensure that air conditioners or heat pumps work as efficiently as possible. A clean, tuned up unit, is one of the best ways to keep energy costs down. If the unit is dirty, clogged, or needing repair, the unit works much harder than it should in order to achieve the desired outcome—and it may never keep homes as comfortable as a well-maintained system.
During a tune up, a trained service technician can troubleshoot for potential problems while performing the necessary checks and maintenance activities. The technician will complete many steps during the tune up, including: inspect refrigerant levels and pressure; inspect and tighten wiring, contacts, capacitors and relay; ensure the evaporator condenser and coil are clean; ensure the condensate drain is clear; inspect the electrical components of the condenser; inspect the outdoor disconnect; inspect the condenser fan motor and blades; check the compressor amps at start-up; and perform additional efficiency checks that can keep the unit running strong and safe.

Homeowners who wait until the first hot day of Summer to schedule a tune up, may find themselves waiting weeks before being scheduled for a tune up since most people call to schedule their tune up as soon as the weather heats up. A better approach is to schedule a tune up now so that there is a choice of dates. By scheduling a tune up now homeowners can be confident knowing that the air conditioner or heat pump is running at peak efficiency from the very beginning of the season.

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