You Don't Have To Buy A New System To Use The New Freon (R410a).

Did you know that most systems can be upgraded to use the environmentally friendly refrigerant, R410a, without changing the inside coil?  Now, you don't have to replace your entire system or install a condenser that uses the old refrigerant (R22).

With the purchase of any R410a condenser, Surgi's will convert your old evaporator coil to use 410a for FREE. 

With the rising cost of R22 and the harm it can do to the environment, let Surgi's flush out your system and install a converter valve on your evaporator so it can use the new gas.  Will it perform as efficiently as a new coil--no.  But the difference in cooling output will hardly be noticeable. 

Conversion will allow you to replace your inside system with a high efficiency 410a evaporator coil when it is more convenient for you.  It will also move your system in the right direction.

Air Conditioning companies make more money when they replace an old R22 condenser with a new "dry shipped" R22 condenser.  Their labor cost is less.  What they don't discuss is that you will be stuck with R22 for the next 12-18 years and your repair costs will be extreme. 
Likewise, they will often tell customers that they have to install a matching evaporator coil.  It is true that most manufacturers recommend replacing both.  Not because it will harm your new condenser but because it will affect the cooling capacity of the system.  We have found the output reduction to be minimal.  If you can't afford replacing the entire system at this time, don't install an R22 condenser.  Call Surgi's at 469-4232.  We're here to help.
Need a new system?  Surgi's can also help.  Need a healthier, more comfortable life?  We can change the way you feel about your home. 
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