Painless Purchasing

Buying Air Conditioning Doesn't Have To Hurt!

We see it over and over again...people calling who are fearful and stressed about having to purchase new air conditioning.  They doubt the diagnosis that their old air conditioning can't be fixed.  They don't understand the terminology or the design or the options being presented but they know they have to do something...because it's hot.

Then we get a call, "I'm looking for the most efficient system at the lowest price."  Do you have a brand in mind?  "I want something that's going to last".  How about efficiency?  "I don't understand SEER."  Variable speed?  Two stage cooling?  Zoning?.... We can start to feel their stress level rising.

That's when we step back, take a deep breath and explain that, in order to make an informed decision, price is important but balancing price against comfort, efficiency, reliability and indoor air quality is important too!  Not to mention the quality and integrity of the dealer.

And its not rocket science.  You just need a little time and patience and a dealer that makes an effort to explain purchase options in plain english and allows a customer to absorb the information at their own pace.  You'd be amazed how often we hear a sigh of relief when we take the time to listen and then calmly explain a customer's options, answer their questions and back off to let them sort it all out.

At Surgi's we like to think of ourselves as educators.  We figure if we do a good job explaining the different types of air conditioners and the different options available, the customer will make a decision that's right for them...even if they choose not to buy from us.  But they often do, because the more information they have, the less risk is involved and the better Surgi's looks.

If you want to deal with a company that views each customer as a potential lifelong us.  504-469-4232 or 985-624-9333.