Air Conditioning Systems Prevent Colds and Allergies By Lowering Humidity And Filtering Allergens

Electronic Air Cleaners and Ultra-Violet Treatment can be added to any system to dramatically reduce incidence of illness in your home.

"Controlling the spread of cold and flu viruses in public places is rather difficult, but this does not have to be the case in your own home. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contend that one of the best ways to stop the spread of bacteria from one person to the next is simply by washing your hands. Families that faithfully follow that practice still continue to pass cold and flu viruses to one another like wildfire. 

Why? Because the air the family is breathing, along with airborne germs and viruses, is continuously being spread to every room in the house through the home’s heating (and air conditioning) system."

In this respect, your home is like an airplane, only worse.  Airplanes have a percentage of outside air introduced to the cabin.  As air is distributed it is circulated through a HEPA filter to remove germs and allergens.  

You home, on the other hand, rarely has fresh air introduced to the system and typically uses a 1" pleated filter which is good for protecting your air conditioning system but has questionable benefits regarding your family's health.

To further complicate matters, we continue to caulk cracks, insulate and seal doors and windows to eliminate air leaks, increasing the concentration of unhealthy material in our air.

  • If your home has more air conditioning than it requires, you can introduce a small amount of fresh air to the system with a duct from the outside.  This would help to replenish the fresh air in the home and help to dilute pollutants.
  • The addition of an Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) cleans air almost as well as a HEPA filter and is compatible with all air conditioning systems.   EAC's are most useful in filtering out allergens including pollen, smoke and cooking odors.
  • Ultra-Violet lights come in two forms, less expensive ones keep biological growth (mold and algae) from forming inside your air conditioning system.  The other is excellent at killing germs. 
  • Ventilating Dehumidifiers bring in outside air and dehumidify it before it circulates in your home.  These systems can operate with your system or by themselves.  They serve two purposes...introducing fresh air to the home and dehumidifying the whole house which increases comfort and lowers the incidence of mold growth.
You don't have to be sick.  Surgi's offers free consulting to help homeowners overcome illness caused by sick houses.  Sometimes just a small adjustment your air conditioning system can make a big difference in the health of your home.  Sometimes the solution is more involved.  Let us help you understand your problem.

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