Water Leaks...Yuk!

When you think of water, you usually think of a soothing rain or a day at the beach or a beautiful waterfall.  When the water is overflowing or leaking from your air conditioning system it can be a nightmare.

A well installed air conditioning system will have the following characteristics:
  • Emergency cut-off switches installed in the emergency drain pan and primary drain line.
  • A primary drain that has constant fall and is routed to the nearest plumbing stack
  • Blocking under the drain to prevent sag

If the drain cannot be run normally, a condensate pump is installed to pump water to a plumbing stack.  During the installation of a new system or regular maintenance, the technician will use compressed gas (usually Nitrogen) to "blow out" the drain and dislodge any blockage that may have formed.  If the drain cannot be cleared, it may be able to be replaced or a plumber will be recommended.

Regular maintenance, by the homeowner or a professional, usually includes some sort of fungicide applied to the pan or drain line.  This may be a solution of bleach and water poured down the drain line, a chlorine tablet or strip placed in the drain pan, or more recently vinegar.

If you have had a succession of drain problems you should ask a professional to pursue a more detailed analysis.  Cutting the PVC drain line at any low spot may show substantial accretions which may not respond to pressurization.  In this case, the drain may have to be replaced to the stack.

If the blockage is in the plumbing p-trap or in the vent stack itself a plumber may be necessary to dislodge the blockage and clear the pipe with a "rooter" type machine.

Save yourself problems and maintain your system regularly.  In the heat of the Summer, glance at your emergency pan to make sure it is dry.  Water in the drain pan is a sign of potential drain problems.

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