It's Time...Low Winter Prices, 0% Interest For 60 Months!

From February 1 through March 15 Surgi's and Trane are offering 0% financing for up to 60 months on most High EfficiencyTrane XL systems.  Now you can take advantage of low winter pricing and get the best financing program in the country.  Qualify immediately by clicking on the Wells Fargo link below.

Payments As Low As $125 A Month!

Do the math.  Buy a qualifying system for $8,000.  Pay no interest for up to 60 months.  With payments of less than $135 a month.  Utility savings from upgrading an 8 SEER to a 15 SEER would be $31 a month.  So you get a new Trane high efficiency system for $104 a month.  How can you go wrong.  Call Surgi's at 469-4232 today!

And receive additional credits from Entergy New Orleans and the Louisiana HERO program on qualifying equipment.

Apply Now!