Affordable Air Conditioning - Trane XB300

It's no secret that Trane air conditioning is the best in the marketplace.  What you may not know is Trane systems can be affordable as well.  Trane 13 SEER systems are priced competitively with many other brand offerings.  Check it out!  Get the quality and reliability of Trane at a price you can afford.

Durable construction and performance
Designed to be ultra-reliable year after year, the XB300 has been tested to the same rigorous standards as every Trane product. It features Trane’s legendary Climatuff® compressor, known throughout the industry for its reliability. The XB300 also features Trane’s Climatuff™ coil, made entirely of aluminum to resist corrosion from the elements.

Efficient performance
The XB300 offers one-third the refrigerant charge, which means it’s an environmentally friendly option. It also features Manual Charge Assist™, a Trane exclusive that helps ensure the most accurate refrigerant charge at installation, for optimum cooling performance and efficiency.

Economical operation
Increased efficiency may substantially lower home cooling costs.

Compact Design
Built to occupy a smaller footprint, the XB300 allows for easy installation even when space is at a premium.

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