Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

As homes and businesses install better insulation, weatherproofing and  higher efficiency air conditioning the amount of indoor pollutants may increase.  If you haven't considered the effects of energy efficiency on the quality of the air in your home or office, you should. 

Air Exchanges. 

In older, less insulated homes, outside air infiltrates through doors, windows, roofs and walls to exchange the total air volume of the home as much as 14-20 times a day.  Homes insulated with open cell foam insulation are required by code to have fresh air introduced into the air conditioning system when it is running to simulate this infiltration.  To increase efficiency, manufacturers have developed ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilators) which transfer the heat or cold of air exhausting the space to the incoming air. 


You can remove some polutants and allergens with proper filtration.  Electronic air cleaners and HEPA air filters remove a large quantity of pollutants.  Table-top models have proven to be largely ineffective due to the low volume of air they process.  (Example:  a 3 ton air conditioner with an electronic air cleaner processes 1200 cubic feet of air per minute, compared to a table top model which processes 20-100 cubic feet of air per minute.)


Massive doses of ultra-violet light will kill germs and oxidize harmful chemicals.  Lights of this variety cost in excess of $1,000.  Don't be fooled by a company offering a "stick" type light for germ control.  Stick lights are used to keep mold and germs from growing on an evaporator coil due to prolonged exposure but have little or no effect on air quality.

The Environmental Protection Agency has published several articles regarding IAQ that may interest you. 

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