Problems With Foam Insulation In New Orleans. Surgi's Can Help.

While foam insulation has been touted as the solution to high utility bills and as a major step on the path of "green living", new reports are showing problems that can jeopardize your health and the value of your home.  This report is a different look at foam, its value and its costs.

Proper Design of HVAC System for Spray Foam Homes This downloadable report by Icenene is a comprehensive guide to foam insulation.

Surgi's has air conditioned hundreds of foam-insulated homes in the last 10 years. During that time we have consulted numerous times on problems associated with improper sizing of air conditioning systems.  We have also heard rumors of roof damage, roof leak problems and other foam-related issues.

Our position on foam is that homeowner should only deal with a properly trained and certified insulation company.  Recognize that a home is a system that includes includes walls, windows, roofs, insulation, appliances and occupants.  A change in any of these components changes the air conditioning required for the home.  If your foam contractor does not recommend that a new "heat load" be calculated to adequately size the air conditioning system, they are positioning you for future problems.

Let's look at the potential problems associated with foam insulation:
  1. Foam can ruin your roof by causing roofing materials to overheat
  2. Closed cell foam can hide roof leaks until major damage has occurred
  3. Foam can provide a path for termites to invade your home unnoticed
  4. Foam off-gassing can cause severe health problems in sensitive individuals
  5. Foam insulation dramatically increases the humidity level in your home
  6. There is no protocol for removing improperly installed foam
  7. The ingredients of foam are not natural or non-toxic
The following links go into great depth to give you answers to your questions before you install foam insulation in your home:

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Renovation Horror Story   A video documentary. Tom Harrington reveals the risks of spray foam insulation, a popular treatment that's driven one family from its home.

Quick Safety Tips for Spray Polyurethane Foam Users (EPA).  For a period of time after installation, foam can cause adverse health effects.

Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association  Frequently asked questions about the use of foam insulation.

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